Uncut hand job on a bus.

Moist cock head and juicy finish.

This is a video of my balls and cumshot sped up by 1000 percent! Freaky!

Cumshot gif. Click to see in scale.

Cumshot from two angles. 

I just jerked-off my friend and then he jerked-me off but he was so bored of it and would have rather slept. I hope you enjoy it more than he does. I know I did.

So you’ve no doubt seen the cumshot in the water. But now watch the reverse cumshot in the water.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I didn’t jerk-off for an entire month. When I eventually did it, my dick was so hard I thought the blood was going to split the head (where it wasn’t already split) . It almost hurt but it felt so good.


greatjackal - the source of versailles …
cumstream.tumblr.com: When I watch this, I can nearly feel it.

Watch two bursts of cumshots. Very nice.

So my friend came over and I came.

Here’s a slow-motion cumshot that I made tonight. It’s sort-of hands-free. Enjoy!

This video is sped up to show a large bead of precum form and trickle down my dick.